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Flat Tire Protection Plan

Flat Tire Protection Policy

Bike riding is fun, unless you have a flat tire!  Changing a flat tire is something that any biker can do, but if you don't want to bother with the hassle of it, The Trek Bicycle Stores of Charleston and Savannah have a plan so you don't ever have to worry about a flat tire again!

The Program is simple:  purchase the flat protection program at the time of purchase of your new bike and if you ever get a flat tire while you own the bike, bring it to our store and we will fix the flat by installing a new tube for you!

Didn't buy your bike from us?  No worries.  We have a plan for you too.  Bring your flat tire to us for repair and after we repair it purchase the flat tire protection program.  Any flat tire you get after that we fix! Simple.

Program Details


Duration - as long as you own the bike
Includes - new tube to repair the flat and the labor to install it.
Fine print - doesn't include the replacement of a worn out tire, which, if needed, must be replaced to prevent further flats.

Bikes with pre-existing flat tires must have the flat repaired by us in order to enroll in the flat protection program.