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Charleston Group Rides

Like riding bikes?  Like interacting with other humans?  Join us for one of our several group store rides
ALL participants in any of our group rides must annually sign our ELECTRONIC WAIVER.
Helmets required for all store rides. Lights, blinkers, and water suggested.
Just like to ride by yourself?  Check out some of these great local routes.
Ride cancellations and updates will be posted via Facebook and Twitter.
Saturday - 8am
Trek Store of Charleston
A Pace
B Pace
35 miles | 19-21mph | ROUTE | no drop ride | Ride leader: Chip Watson
C Pace
20 miles | 16-18mph | ROUTE | no drop ride | Ride leader: Pat Madden
D pace
13 miles | 14-15mph | ROUTE | no drop ride | Ride leader: Bob Jordan
Post ride drinks (coffee, beer, cold water) and snacks at store.