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Bike Maintenance Intervals

Keep Your Bike Riding Smoothly

We want to keep you riding all day long. To help keep you in the saddle, we've put together the following information to keep your bike riding smoothly. Many of these tasks can be done at home with the proper tools. For the ones that can't, our service department is ready to be of assistance. Detailed charts are also available for download.

Taking Care of Your Bike

Pre-Ride Checklist

Check Tire Pressure

Check Brakes & Brake Levers

Clean & Lube Your Chain

Check Wheels for Tightness

Check Quick Release Tension

MTB Wipe down fork stanchions & rear shock

MTB Check shift-levers and derailleurs

Post-Ride Checklist

Inspect Tires & Rims for Debris/Damage

Inspect Shift-Levers & Derailleurs

Check Wheels for Straightness

Wipe Down Bike Frame

Wipe Down Chain

Inspect Pedals

MTB Check shock pressure with a shock pump

Service Intervals


Wipe Down Chainrings, Cassette, Derailleur Pulleys

Inspect & Tighten Crankset

Check Brake Pads


Degrease & Lube Drivetrain

Lube Derailleur Pivots & Pulleys

Lube Brake & Shift Cables

Check Chain Wear

MTB Wipe down and lube suspension sliders

Six Months

Complete Tune-Up

Bleed Hydraulic Brakes

True & Tension Wheels

Check Tubeless Tire Fluid Sealant

MTB Service suspension seals

MTB Clean and grease suspension pivots


Complete Overhaul

Replace Chain

Replace Cables & Housing

Replace Tires

Replace Brake Pads

Replace Bar Tape

Replace Tubeless Tire Sealant

Service Frame

MTB Replace shock oil

MTB Service frame and dropper post

Download Detailed Service Interval Charts Specific to Your Bike