Bontrager Satellite Elite Hardcase Tire

Bontrager Satellite Elite Hardcase Tire
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Enjoy more speed on commutes and trails with Bontrager's Satellite Elite Hardcase. This tough tire has a slick center tread for minimal rolling resistance and sides with grippy, grooved rubber for cornering traction even in wet weather. Plus, it features Bontrager's Hardcase triple puncture protection including a Kevlar belt, anti-cut casing and anti-pinch technology so you never have to hitchhike home.

1) Bead-to-bead, abrasion-resistant, woven Exo Casing is 16% more resistant to flats from sidewall cuts.
2) Kevlar Durabelt provides an additional 58% increase in puncture resistance.
3) Anti-pinch design is twice as resistant to pinch flats as standard tires without this feature; it also protects the rim from damage.

Part Numbers

601479016440 89753