Bike Repair Shop & Tech Center

Are you in need of bike repair for a few minor tune-ups or desperate for a complete overhaul? Whatever your bike repair needs may be - our professional, friendly mechanics are trained to diagnose and service all bicycle makes and models. We offer a variety of tune-up packages as well as à la carte options. Simply bring your bike into either of our Trek Bicycle Store Charleston locations or our Savannah location, work with our knowledgeable technicians, and hit the road on a bike that rides like new!

Bike Tune Up Packages

At the Trek Bicycle Stores of Charleston, we have several tune-up package options designed to meet your specific needs, ranging from our basic package to our complete mechanical overhaul. We’re here to answer all of your maintenance and repair questions, and estimates are always free.
48 Hour Service

*All tune-ups include recycling of old parts and rubber as well as a
30-day warranty on labor.

*Cost of parts is not included in the tune-up package price.

*Internal cable routing fee: $15 additional.

*Ask us about additional mountain bike suspension services with any tune-up package.

Basic Tune-Up

Preventative Maintenance

BASIC - $40.00
GOOD - $80.00

  • General safety inspection

  • Adjust derailleurs

  • Adjust brakes (does not include disc brake bleeding)

  • Lubricate chain

  • *Parts and installation labor additional

  • Includes Basic Tune-Up PLUS:
  • Adjust all bearing systems (hub, headset, bottom bracket)

  • True front and rear wheels

  • Lubricate all pivot points

  • Standard frame cleaning

  • *Parts and installation labor additional

Annual Peak Performance

Complete Mechanical Overhaul - Road/Mtn

BETTER - $160.00
BEST - $300.00

  • Includes Preventive Maintenance PLUS:

  • Complete removal, cleaning and reassembly of drivetrain

  • Detailed cleaning of bike frame and all components

  • Straighten derailleur hanger

    *Installation labor included; parts additional; requires purchase
    of new cables, housing and handlebar tape if necessary

  • Includes Annual Peak Performance PLUS:

  • Complete disassembly, cleaning & reassembly of
    bike & components

  • Cleaning, inspection & repacking of all bearing systems

  • Detailed cleaning & waxing of bike frame

  • Straighten derailleur hanger

  • Lubriation & fine-tuning of all components


    • Overhaul suspension fork (Seals & Wipers)
    • Hydraulic brake bleeding

    • Overhaul rear shock (Seals & Wipers)
    • Service and/or replace all suspension bearings
    • Suspension seatpost rebuild
  • *Installation labor included; parts additional; requires purchase
    of new cables, housing and handlebar tape if necessary

À La Carte Services

General Maintenance


Accident Evaluation$20.00
Single Speed Tune-Up W/ Coaster Brake (Hand Brake + $20)$30.00
Box Bike for Shipping (Box Included)$50.00
Assemble Boxed Bike (Price Varies on Bike Type)$30.00-$250.00
Assemble Car Rack$19.99
Install Roof Rack (Appt. Only, No Weekend)$50.00
Install Rack (Front or Rear)$10.00
Install Child Seat$20.00

Tube/Tire/Install (Per Wheel)$10.00
Liner Install (Per Wheel)$10.00
Tire Sealant Slime / Stan's Install (Per Wheel)$7.50
Tubeless Install (Non-UST)$30.00
Tubeless Install (UST)$15.00
Tubular Tire Install (Per Wheel, Glue Extra)$25.00
Tubular Tire Install W/ Rim Cleaning (Per Wheel, Glue Extra)$40.00



Wheel True (Per Wheel)$15.00-$30.00
Custom Wheel Build (Per Wheel)$45.00-$60.00
Install Wheel (+ $5 for Rear)$20.00
Hub Adjustment (+ $2 for Rear)$8.00
Front Hub Overhaul$20.00
Rear Hub Overhaul$25.00
Rear Hub Overhaul (Internal gear)$60.00
Chain Install$8.00
Adjust Chain Tension (SS Bikes)$5.00
Cassette-F/W Install or Replace$8.00

Brake Adjustment - Canti V/U/Cable Disc (Per Wheel)$15.00
Brake Cable Install$20.00
Brake Set Install - Canti/V/U (Per Wheel)$25.00
Disc Brake Install - Mechanical (Per Wheel)$40.00
Disc Brake Install with Bleed (Per Wheel)$60.00
Bleeding / Adjusting Disc Brakes (Per Wheel)$40.00
Brake Lever Install (Varies by Bike, Per Lever)$20.00-
Rotor/Gyro Install$45.00



Derailleur Adjustment (Per Der.)$15.00
Derailleur Cable Install$20.00
Derailleur Install With Cable$30.00
Derailleur Hanger Install$5.00
Derailleur Hanger Alignment$20.00
Shifter Install - Each (Varies Per Bike)$20.00-
Shifter w/ Brake Level Install$30.00

Fork Install$45.00
Overhaul Suspension Fork - Air$100.00^
Overhaul Suspension Fork - Oil$100.00^
Install Headset$35.00
Overhaul Headset (Unsealed + $5)$30.00
Adjust Headset$10.00
Drop Out Alignment Fork$20.00

Frame Prep


Tap Bottom Bracket$25.00
Suspension Linkage Overhaul (Per Hour)$60.00
Drop Out Alignment Frame$15.00
Face Bottom Bracket or Head$35.00

BMX / Flat Bar Install$15.00
Road Bar Install$25.00
Install Grips$5.00
Aero Bar Install$10.00
Bar Tape Install$15.00


Overhaul BB (Price Varies by BB)$25.00-
Install Bottom Bracket- (Threaded)$20.00
Install Bottom Bracket- (Press in)$30.00
Adjustment Bottom Bracket 1 pc.$10.00
Adjustment Bottom Bracket 3 pc. (Unsealed + $5)$10.00
Chainring Install (single)$15.00
Pedal/Shoe/Cleat Install$5.00